Pastor David Reilly

My name is David Reilly and I’m part of the pastoral team here at Eight Mile Plains SDA church. I believe that church is “hospital for sinners” not a “club for saints” so don’t wait to feel good enough to come to church, we are all facing challenges in life. The idea of church is that we come as we are and share God’s grace with each other so we grow to become the people that God wants us to be!

Sometimes that doesn’t happen as fast as we would like but I believe God has a plan for all of us and we grow best when we are connected with other people of faith.

I’m a husband and a father of two children (one in school the other in university) and desire to make church a place that is relevant to people of all ages.  My focus at Eight Mile Plains is on Young Adults, Teens and Children’s ministries as well as assisting in the varies other church departments.

We’d love to have you come along and check us out!