Building the faith of our children, teens and youth

Here at EMP, we are blessed to have a thriving group of children, teens and youth, and we always welcome more!  Below you will find the programs, clubs and activities that we run for our children, teens and youth. All are designed to help them learn more about God and His love and develop their faith, values and leadership skills.

Sabbath School

Our Sabbath School classes start at 9.30am every Saturday morning and are tailored to each specific age group. With activities, quizzes, crafts, stories and Bible studies, our children and youth learn more about God and His love for us in a fun and engaging way.

Sabbath school classes are divided into the following general age groups:

  • Youth (ages 16 – 25)
  • Teens (ages 10-15)
  • Primary (ages 6-9)
  • Kindergarten (ages 3-5)
  • Beginners (for parents with infants 0-2 yrs)


Adventurers is a club for children in grades 1-4, with classes for the Kindy and Prep age children also.

Throughout the year children learn about four main categories: My God, My Self, My Family and My Community, but also do other activities (“awards”) under the categories of arts, nature, sports, health and safety.

Our Adventurer Club meets once a month on a Saturday afternoon and also has 1-2 camps per year. Check out the happenings section for upcoming dates and contact our Adventurers Leaders for more information.


Pathfinders is a spiritual and recreational program that is filled with action, adventure and challenge for young people from grades 5-11. Pathfinder Leadership Development happens in grades 11 and onwards.

The program helps children and youth develop new attitudes and skills that encourage personal growth, team spirit, loyalty and respect for God, His creation and His Church. Pathfinders earn Honours throughout the year across many areas including sport and recreation, arts, conservation, health, homemaking, modern technology, wilderness, camping, zoology and faith.

Our Pathfinders Club has over 50 children involved and holds approximately 20 meetings throughout the year with several camps. Check out the happenings section for upcoming dates and contact our Pathfinders Leaders for more information.