These are the friendly faces you will see each week when you come to EMP. You will find – as we have – that our pastors are passionate about connecting people with God and are always happy to meet up with you to explore the Christian faith and see how the Bible can give meaning to your life.

Pastor Miljan Popovic

My name is Miljan and I`m a senior pastor of this family of believers. Here at Eight Mile Plains SDA Church, we are passionate to connecting with people, reaching them where they are and sharing the same blessings Jesus blessed us with. These blessings are of non-understandable mercy, ultimate forgiveness and...

Pastor David Reilly

My name is David Reilly and I’m part of the pastoral team here at Eight Mile Plains SDA church. I believe that church is “hospital for sinners” not a “club for saints” so don’t wait to feel good enough to come to church, we are all facing challenges in life....

In addition to our pastors, we have a faithful team who work at the forefront and behind the scenes to keep EMP the friendly, fun, spiritually enriched, family-focused and community-driven church we all love to call home.

Tamika Hansford

Darren Stacey, Kirralee Sinclair, Clark Staff

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