Church History

1930s – In the early 1930s the members met at the Bamboos opposite the present Kmart at Sunnybank.

1942 – This group continued until 1942 when Sherwood church opened.

1944-1952 – As numbers increased members went to the United Protestant Church to meet on Millers Road EMP from about 1944 to 1952.

1948-1949 – During 1948 and in 1949 Bro Stan Harker and Hec Robinson began searching for land to build a church.
a) Two blocks were bought but it was too far down London Road, they thought. The blocks were bought for ₤10.
b) Another two blocks were bought, which are the present blocks. The other two were sold for ₤90.
c) And could be bought from John Burke – 10 building blocks for ₤200, 40 acres for ₤2,000.

1951 – The church, which is the present hall, was built by Bro Bill Lewis of Sherwood in 1951.
1952 – It was opened in 1952 by Pastor Grieve who was the Conference President. Pastor Eric Hare was at the opening. Bro Job Becket was Senior Elder. Membership was 39.
The original church had a partition between the main church area, about a quarter of the church now vacant land.

1961 – Because the church became too small for our needs it was decided to negotiate for a small piece of land adjacent, owned by Paul’s Ice Cream Company. This block was bought for ₤750 in 1961. Bro Keith Adair, manager of SHF was able to use his influence to buy it.

1964 – Extension No 1, November 1964 cost ₤615 to build – size 24’ x 30’.
1966 – Extension No 2, October 1966 cost $1,500.

1980 – In August 1980, four blocks of ground were purchased from the Brisbane City Council for $33,328.

Church Expansion

With the opening of the Mt Gravatt Adventist Primary School and later the Mt Gravatt Adventist High School, the Eight Mile Plains Church grew considerably.

It was suggested by some of the members that the church, as counseled by the servant of the Lord, Bro Noel Russell and others the instigators.

1972 – July – August 1972, 20 of our members transferred their names to the Conference Church and a Company was formed at Kingston. This later became Springwood.

Land was purchased at Springwood about this time.

Further Development

1973 – In April 1973 Bro Alec Ransom reported missionary activity at Carbrook. During the year another group separated to form the Carbrook Company.

1976 – Again in 1976 another group separated to form the Park Ridge Company.

1980 – The church was still growing and again, because of the overcrowding, two services began to operate from September 1980 – one service at 8am and the other at 11am.

1985 – In September 1985 the land was cleared for the building of the new church. Footings were poured in December 1985.

Today we see the finished product, but the work of God is not finished.